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Elizabeth’s motivation for installing the heat pump was primarily financial. She had a difficult experience with her power supplier: “There was no central heating in the house and the costs of the water heating system were horrendously high. An advisor from the Energy Saving Trust recommended that an air source heat pump would be of benefit to me. The previous heating system was extravagant both in terms of energy and money.”

She sees installing the air source heat pump as a good investment: “Though prices went up after the installation, heating the house is still  costing me less now since the heat pump uses fewer units of electricity to provide the same amount of heating. “

For anyone thinking about installing, Elizabeth notes: “The heat pump makes a low noise when it is in action but it doesn’t bother me or affect my neighbours as they can’t hear it.” Before installing an technology, it is important to remember that you need enough space around your outer wall for the air from the pump to circulate.

Pre 1919
Air source heat pump (all)
Cavity wall insulationLow energy lighting systems

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