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David recalls that he first became interested in renewables through his work: “In my job, I visit Sweden a lot and I noticed how they’re very much energy efficient. I wanted to move away from oil.” He made the decision to install a biomass system because the oil-burning heating system that was already in the house was extremely inefficient.

He initially considered wind turbines as well as a ground source heat pump but seeing a pellet-burning boiler first hand convinced him that this was the right technology for his home. It is a decision he does not regret: “It’s more than adequate in terms of heating our home. The technology is really good and the system works by itself, regulating the temperature in the house. It alerts the boiler when the temperature drops and evens it out. It is also cleaner and better from a cosmetic point of view.”Having already recommended installing biomass to others, David has some advice for those considering it: “It’s not a decision you can take on a whim. It’s important to look at the bigger picture and be aware of the initial capital investment. But there will be more financial benefits in the long run, especially with the Renewable Heat Incentives (RHIs) being introduced.”The MacGregors are hoping to get solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) panels and solar water heating (SWH) installed in the future. They already have a hot water tank fitted with a solar coil, which they hope to use in the future.

1945 - 1964
Biomass boiler (all)
A-rated appliance(s)Cavity wall insulationLoft InsulationLow energy lighting systemsTriple glazing

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