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Green Home SE592 in Rosewell

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Due to the size and age of their farmhouse, these Midlothian based homeowners had always found it difficult to heat. In the past they had installed secondary glazing to their windows and improved the loft insulation in a bid to improve their energy efficiency, but with a desire to make their home more environmentally friendly, in 2009 they began to explore the possibility of using renewable technology.

The first thing they invested in was a Charnwood wood burning boiler – the size of their property suddenly became an asset as it afforded them ample space for storing wood fuel for the stove. In 2011 the homeowners decided to invest further in renewable energy technology by installing a solar PV system. After careful consideration and consultation with installers Cross Country, they opted for a Sanyo 4kWp system; a system which produces an annual average output of 3,200kWh.

In 2015 the homeowners used the Energy Saving Trust’s  interest free Home Renewables  loan to install a Windhager manual feed pellet boiler – and they say they’re delighted with it. After living in a chilly house for thirty years they now have a comfortably heated, energy efficient home. The boiler was installed internally, making use of an old unused chimney, and the homeowners made sure the system was eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive prior to commencing with the installation. 

Pre 1919
Biomass boiler (all)Solar PV
Loft InsulationLow energy lighting systemsTriple glazing

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