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The opportunity of going-green presented itself to Brenda when she decided to downsize from a large seven bedroom house to an eco-friendly self-build. With the help of her architect friend, Brenda was able to turn her interest in environmentally friendly products into reality, “I’ve always had an interest in taking care of the environment and this was the time to do something about it!”

Brenda and an architectural team designed her home with the environment in mind investing in solar PV and sustainable building products. Brenda explains, “this is a great lifestyle choice - it has had its minor problems, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.”

Although installing the renewables systems was straightforward, Brenda says, “it was a very tight site, on a very steep slope - the digger slid down and nearly fell into the Water of Leith! All the walls and roof were prefabricated off-site and these and the windows came in by crane - in strong winds!”She is keen to recommend using renewable technologies in similar projects and to encourage others to get involved in living a more sustainable lifestyle, “it’s a great long term investment” explains Brenda.

Brenda has a solar photovoltaic system installed with maximum solar gain and in-built optimized building fabric to reduce energy consumption, maximise insulation and air tightness while minimizing cold bridging. This very energy efficient home also has a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system to provide fresh air throughout the property. This has had environmental rewards, “Oh yes, I noticed straight away that my energy consumption reduced” explains Brenda.

Post 2003
Solar PV
Mechanical heat recovery ventilation

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