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Green Home NE580 in Turriff, Aberdeenshire

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Russell and Janice Quinlan designed this traditional timber-framed eco-house in Fyvie: “inspired to think big, we realised that we liked where we lived and wanted to stay so we looked for a suitable building site in the Turriff area. We eventually found some land just outside the village on a site where an old cottage used to be.”

A perfect plot with one drawback – it was 400 yards from the nearest connection to mains electricity. The infrastructure would have cost the Quinlans £18,000 “despite having to dig our own trench!”

Fast forward a few years and the Quinlans are extremely happy with their solar PV, wind turbine, wood-fuelled biomass boiler and solar thermal system. Russell explains, “Some people might think four renewables systems are a little excessive but even though our log house is well insulated with recycled paper, with no mains electricity, we need plenty of power sources to generate heat. The beauty of these products is that they are all sustainable: our house is completely self-sufficient and our mind-sets have changed.

“We have smart meters to make sure we are completely aware of how much energy is being used at any one time. We were finding that our old plasma TV used a set amount while on standby, which rocketed when the pictures started moving. We’ve now swapped our plasma for an LCD TV and it has been a lot more efficient.

“The project has really opened our eyes and made us much more green.

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Post 2003
Biomass boiler (all)Solar PVSolar water heating Wind turbine
A-rated appliance(s)Cavity wall insulationFloor insulationLoft InsulationLow energy lighting systemsMechanical heat recovery ventilationTriple glazing

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