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In a bid to reduce their reliance on energy companies and take advantage of the renewable resources available to them, Michael and Heather chose solar PV panels to generate some of their own electricity. The annual estimated system output is 3434 kWh.

Solar Solutions Scotland Ltd. installed the Antaris system last year. The homeowner’s motivations to install were both financial and environmental; they were also encouraged by Heather’s father who had also installed solar panels.

The householders have two electric vehicles, a Mitsubishi i-MiEV purchased in December 2012 and a more recently acquired Nissan Leaf. To be able to charge their cars for free was also a contributing factor to installing the solar PV panels: “the energy we generate from the panels exceeds that which is used to charge the cars - they only need to charge twice in an average week.”

“The new rapid charge stations that are becoming more common help us out too; on a recent trip to Edinburgh it took a quick 20 minute charge at Ingliston by the airport to get an almost full battery again. The Mitsubishi does roughly 50-60 miles a charge, and the newer Nissan does 80-90 miles.”

The price of solar PV systems have come down a lot in recent years and the couple decided that it was definitely worth it. Michael is receiving fixed rate payments as part of the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme: “the FIT scheme definitely makes installing more attractive, but I think we would have done it even if that scheme hadn’t been there. It’s a no brainer, everyone should take the opportunity”.

Having the panels also makes them aware of how much energy they’re using: “we estimate that our electricity bills have halved since installing the panels and it has also made us a lot more energy conscious.”

As well as solar technology, the home also boasts low energy light bulbs throughout, underfloor insulation and full loft insulation. Heather and Michael have recently had an Immersun system installed in a bid to bring down their gas bills too, so now any spare electricity goes to heating the water rather than back into the grid.

Michael’s advice to others: “do your research and get an idea of prices, as you may be pleasantly surprised.”

1919 - 1944
Solar PV
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