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Green Home SC296 in Biggar

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John & Elaine Riley’s home and bed and breakfast in Biggar have an impressive array of renewable energy systems and energy saving measures installed. This “energy saving project” represents a huge effort from the homeowner to reduce his environmental impact by retrofitting his house with some of the latest green technology.

Mr Riley explains, "to reduce heat loss" a wooden frame has been built in front of the wall which accommodates 70mm PIR insulation boards with 30mm PIR sheets on the surface to reduce cold-bridging” while maintaining “an air gap between the external wall and the frame, so that the air flow would be maintained to avoid any unwanted moisture build up or transfer”. In addition, the coombed ceilings and floorboards are fitted with insulation and the windows are all double or triple glazed with a mixture of PVC & wooden frames.

The Riley household makes good use of rainwater and sunshine. The homeowner continues, “A 3000 litre Rainwater Harvesting tank is installed under the parking area and collects water off the extension roof and stores it ready to be pumped into the main house for toilet flushing, washing clothes and garden use”. In addition, the home receives carbon free electricity from the 4kW solar photovoltaic panels. They ensure efficient use of generated electricity by using electrical appliances when the sun is shining and having a range of A+ rated electrical appliances and energy saving lighting systems.

A “Solartwin” solar thermal panel and log burning stove combine to fuel the radiators and underfloor heating system of the home, topped up by a 90% efficient gas boiler when required. To make maximum use of this generated heat, “a fairly complex Deltasol MX programmer controls the transfer and timing of heat flows”.  Mr Riley comments, “Both buildings have a heat recovery ventilation system”. These systems recycle heat within the home and maintain “a healthy, low-moisture atmosphere in the buildings”.

Pre 1919
Solar PVSolar water heating
A-rated appliance(s)Cavity wall insulationFloor insulationLoft InsulationLow energy lighting systemsMechanical heat recovery ventilationTriple glazing

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8 September to 11 September in South Lanarkshire

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