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Keen for the comfort of their home not to decline, but anxious to avoid high energy bills, Mrs Reekie decided to install a 12KW biomass log boiler with radiators, which also provided a beautiful aesthetic feature for the property, and a 4KW solar PV panel to replace the electric central heating system.

After carrying out extensive online research, in addition to having previous experience of wood burning stoves, along with utilising the Renewable Installer Finder Tool, Mrs Reekie sought out ESP Energy to install both the biomass log boiler and solar panels.

While the project only took three days to complete it caused great disruption to the property as an old bottle gas fire needed to be removed, the flue needed to be replaced and a hole had to be cut in the ceiling for the new wet central heating systems pipework. Fortunately Mrs Reekie’s husband is a joiner and had the requisite skills to assist with the installation. The work, though brief, caused a lot of dust and mess and so a great deal of work to cover the furnishings, carpets and surfaces.

Since the installation was completed a leak in the pipework at the back of the log burner occurred, though the installer managed to carry out the repair within a day. Although not a direct issue relating to the technology, Mrs Reekie’s installer advised that a 200 litre tank would be sufficient for their requirements. Mrs Reekie and her husband have since discovered that this only provides around forty minutes hot water in the morning whereas a 500l tank, which Mrs Reekie and her husband originally considered, would have been more suitable. Mrs Reekie intends to consult with her installer about installing a 500l tank.

Since the installation Mrs Reekie has become much more wary of bills and electricity use; switching off lights and being sure to avoid standby and only using appliances when necessary have helped to reduce their bills and carbon footprint. Mrs Reekie was pleased to see such a dramatic reduction in their energy bills; they now pay around £25 a week for fuel for the log burner. The overall energy bill for the property now (including fuel costs) is around £200 a month. The energy rating of the home has even improved, from band E to band D.

For anybody considering installing their own renewable energy technologies Mrs Reekie has the following advice; “their lifestyle has to be well suited to the technology. I work from home and find this fits in well for using the electricity from the PV when it is generating during the day.” As since Mrs Reekie works from home she can top-up the log burner and maintain it with ease; “You must to be very organised with a log burner and it would be better suited to someone who spent a lot of time in the home.” On the whole, Mrs Reekie feels the investment will prove to be a prudent one as they could potentially have spent more than £36,000 on electricity over ten years.

Pre 1919
Biomass log boilerSolar PV
Draught proofingDouble glazingLoft InsulationLow energy lighting systems

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