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The property was fitted with an electric boiler which was causing household bills to be too high. To keep the electricity bill down, he relied heavily on his wood burning stove, which was messy and needed a lot of attention. As a result Dr McDonald decided to explore a few other options which would be kinder to the earth and to his pockets.

It became quickly apparent that due to the space available in the property and the insulation already in place the best option was a heat pump. Having recently learnt of the Renewable Heat Incentive  Dr McDonald was keen to proceed with the install. Dr McDonald received some help in his deliberations from Home Energy Scotland including a home visit and follow up phone support. He had a 9kW air source heat pump installed in 2016. He used Eco Heat Renewables Ltd to install the heat pump, who he found on the Energy Saving Trusts’ Renewables Installer Finder Tool. The installation lasted a full day and as he already had a wet central heating system in place there was not a lot of upheaval. The installer was even able to adapt the existing heating controls for the new heat pump.

Dr McDonald will also be receiving a Feed in Tariff  for his solar PV which, along with the previously mentioned RHI, will help to pay off the price of the installation. Dr McDonald will receive £784 per annum from the RHI and £250 a year in Feed in Tariffs.

Electricity to the ASHP has cut out a few times, which has been a hassle that the installers are currently looking for a permanent solution to.

Dr McDonald was paying £1,300-£1,400 per year and his new bills are estimated at £900 - £1,000 per year, he also changed suppliers with the install. These savings are more than he expected and he hopes to save more money in the future. Dr McDonald would happily recommend this technology to his friends and believes that it has been a worthwhile investment since it has not only helped him on his journey to become more environmentally friendly but has also helped him better understand renewable technology and has saved him money on his bills.

Dr McDonald advises those who are planning to invest in renewables like him to check whether planning permission is required, as obtaining permission can be costly and can slow down the installation. He also advises that people be patient while filling out the forms and remember that it will all be worth it when they lower their fuel bills, ensure a better quality of heat and cut carbon emissions. 

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